Our Offerings


Tested, trusted and proven medium in the mainstream media mix.

Outdoor Advertising at its best achieves direct communication with consumers: where they live, work, play, shop, where they commute and congregate. With today’s marketing strategies being driven by the consumer, who is being exposed to more messages than ever before. Outdoor advertising is a proven medium in the mainstream media mix.

Outdoor is about delivering direct impact and awareness that capture ‘share of mind’ and produces measurable results. No other media can match the impact and reach against the investment(OMA). LookMedia can provide strong national exposure right down to retailer’s front door.

LookMedia can complement other mainstream media buys, catching the light TV viewers, listener to non-commercial radio stations and those who read business press. LookMedia are a specialist provider of targeted marketing solutions who make the effort to know your customer and ensuring your message gets reach and frequency. As part of the big picture, mobile advertising optimizes the media schedule.


When compared to the conventional advert media, taxi Top and bus wrap advertising has the following advantages:

Experience & Capability

Look Media has been providing strategic and innovative OOH platforms / projects to various clients for over a decade, within these years we have built a reputation for outstanding service.

Financial Integrity & Strength

As a result of our success we are in a strong financial position. This allows us to accommodate, within reason, varying client financial policy.


Emphasis on Quality

Quality is important to us and our advertisement sites/platforms have to meet the standards we have set:

  • High grade equipment and material that meets the industry standard.
  • Top of the Line installations.
  • Strong in anti-rust , shock resistance, Earthquake resistance.
  • Durable with long lifespan.
  • Night illumination feature.

Safety Matters

We understand the negative publicity that would arise for our clients in cases where platforms constitute or become a safety hazard.

To avoid this, we buy topline equipment, select renowned technical partners and suppliers, do rigorous strength / weight load test and we built with highest standards and finest materials available.



Look Media has been providing innovative concepts / projects with primary focus on the global trend, energy savings. We factor in both structural and environmental impart in our design to come up with an innovation design that will complement the monumental Total Stations and premises.